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Volts Storage Black
More than 500 projects in Europe and Arab countries
An innovative solar station
for your home

The first energy storage produced in Masdar city, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Up to 24 hours of electrical independence of your house without recharging

Storages energy from the power grid or from solar panels

Premium service & support by a personal manager

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How VOLTS works

USE stored energy 24/7

collect energy throughout the day

Easy to use mobile application

Our app will notify you about what happening in the power system when you are out of home

Remote control
Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring
Electricity consumption statistics
Electricity consumption statistics
Reserve time
Prediction of remaining reserve time
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app control

Technical Specifications

Power 6 -100 kW

Continuous Operation up 24 Hours

Dimensions 1085x804x230 mm

System Guarantee for 10 Years

Why Volts?



Choose the configuration that specifically suits your needs.





2 air conditioners, 20 lamps (100 watts), 10-15 sockets

Roof area, m2

Required power, kW

Number of floors

Number of home appliances

Starting from
100,000 AED
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4 air conditioners, 40 lamps (100 watts), 20-30 sockets

Roof area, m2

Required power, kW

Number of floors

Number of home appliances

Starting from
150,000 AED
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6 air conditioners, 60 lamps (100 watts), 30-40 sockets

Roof area, m2

Required power, kW

Number of floors

Number of home appliances

Starting from
200,000 AED
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Free yourself from dependence on public electricity and make your home cleaner for you and your family!

Provide your home with clean, sustainable energy.

Protect electrical appliances and equipment from energy problems.

Your investment in solar generators will support the country's development according to environmental sustainability plans.

You can now use energy that is not only environmentally friendly, but also infinite! It also helps reduce emissions by 200 m3.

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Country house in Sirius village

Property area

Daily electricity consumption

Energy capacity of the Volts system

Reserve time

300 square meters

70 kWh

4 kilowatt-hours

1.4 hours

Operating electrical appliances

Gas boiler management, 3 central pumps, 3 air conditioners, laptop, computer, router, refrigerator, TV, socket set, 3 electric gate motors, sewerage station, alarm, 8 security cameras, HVAC, 30 lighting fixtures and more.

Why do owners need storage?

For the ability to operate during power outages and ensure the operation of engineering systems year-round

AED 205.000

The cost of the project

Some customer opinions about us

Mohammed, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Honestly, a very excellent system. The station achieves independence of power supply to the home. Thanks to the convenient and useful mobile application, managing my power station has become very simple

Abdullah, Riyadh City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I wanted to write brief words about Volz. I have a villa, and I thought about reducing my electricity bills, and after installing the “Volts” energy storage system, I started saving half the cost and all my appliances are working normally. Special thanks for the excellent installation and excellent communication with the engineers.

Hassan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thanks to the energy storage solution, I now live in a private villa with clean, independent and sustainable energy. Now I can be confident that my home is well and reliably powered.

Already trust VOLTS

Frequently asked questions

How long do batteries last in an energy storage device?

The estimated shelf life of the batteries is 10 years.

Where are energy storage systems manufactured?

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

How long does it take to charge an energy storage device?

The charging time for VOLTS after full discharge varies from 4 to 6 hours.

What are the dimensions of the energy storage device?

The size of the VOLTS engine can be compared to a classic wall picture - 1070x804x197 mm?

Is Volts certified?

.All components of the VOLTS energy storage device are certified

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